Alla Turchaninova

PhD in Geography, Glaciology, Research associate
Alla Turchaninova has been working on mountain hazards, snow avalanches and debris flows, including glacier hazards and climate change, mountain glaciers dynamics. In the last 15 years she took a part in field campaigns across the mountains of Russia (Caucasus, Khibiny, Altai, Kamchatka, Siberian mountains), Central Asia, Switzerland, Brazil. She has well-founded experience in numerical modeling of snow avalanches, avalanche hazard and risk assessment, in-situ glacier mass balance measurements, remote sensing of snow avalanches and glaciers. Alla has participated in several national and international research programs, including IAEA Project “Assessing the impact of Climate Change and its effects on Soil and Water Resources in Polar and Mountainous Regions”, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Science Foundation. Currently Alla Turchaninova is a lecturer (courses: «Cold Regions Engineering»; «GIS in Cryosphere research») in the Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography. Ongoing research projects are related to natural hazards and glacier’s dynamics in the mountain regions.