Dmitry Petrakov

PhD in Geography, Glaciology, Leading scientist
Dmitry Petrakov has been working on mountain glaciers, mountain hazards, including glacier hazards, debris flows, floods and snow avalanches and climate change. In last 20 years he took a part in field campaigns across the mountains of Russia (mainly Caucasus, but also Altai, Kamchatka, Khibiny, Urals, Siberian and Far East mountains), Georgia, Norway, Sweden, Central Asia, South America (including Peruvian and Patagonian Andes), St Elias Mts (Canada), and China. He has particular field experience in the Caucasus and Tien Shan with responsibility for a number of projects. He has experience in in-situ glacier mass balance and ice thickness measurements, hazard assessment in mountains, remote sensing of the cryosphere. Dmitry has participated in a number of national and international research programs, including Swiss National Science Foundation, Swedish Research Council, NATO Science for Peace program and Joint FAO/IAEA Programme “Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture”, National Natural Science Foundation of China, United Kingdom Royal Society and Russian Foundation for Basic Research. He is a member of the Debris Flow Association, member of the Standing Group on Glacier and Permafrost Hazards in Mountains (GAPHAZ), IACS, member of the Glacier Ice Thickness Estimation working group (IACS). Currently Dmitry Petrakov is lecturer of Glaciology and Debris Flow in Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography. He is supervisor of field courses in Glaciology for 2nd year students. Ongoing research projects are related to glacier change and hazards driven by glacier melting.