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Description of the project

Project objectives:

1. To significantly raise the capacity of the government institutions responsible for the environment in the countries of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to monitor, assess and sustainably manage their terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and natural resources, including those of a transboundary nature, by increasing their access to near real time environmental information.

2. To equip these countries with state of the art information technology systems which can handle and process remote sensed data and build the human capacity to operate and maintain these systems.

3. To significantly increase the knowledge base on top of the existing environmental monitoring infrastructure to map, categorize and assess environmental information, by building capacity to use the latest tools and technologies and apply appropriate national standards and norms as well as international best practices to the development of indicators, statistics and water and land accounts.

4. Develop and produce online digitized Environmental Atlases (National Atlases of Environmental Change) that can be sustainably and continuously updated using the latest tools and technologies and applying appropriate national standards and norms as well as international best practices.

5. Position the countries to be able to report easily and effectively on major MEAs (such as the three Rio Conventions) and SDG 6 (Water) and SDG 15 (Life on Land). 6. To facilitate the exchange of experiences and information among the three target countries, other Central Asia states and the Russian Federation, in order to build capacity and foster regional cooperation.

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